API-led Automated B2B EDI Platform for Retail, Automotive & Healthcare Industry


Save time with supply chain automation. Our Automated Compliance service can put time back in your business by reducing more than 66% of manual compliance labor. It enables suppliers to auto respond the orders, shipping notice integration with 3PL and automatic generation of invoices.

Document Exchange

Ability to create, send and receive the business documents electronically for you and your trading partners.
Retail: Purchase Order, Acknowledgment, Order Response, Shipping Notice, Invoice, Remittance Advice, Price Catalouge, etc.
Automotive: Delivery Forecast, Deliver Just-in-time, Purchase Order, Shipping Notice, Invoice.

Automated Invoicing

To avoid time delays and manual errors in procure to paid process, EASYB2B can automatically send an invoice out to your trading partner upon shipping notice acknowledged.

SSCC labels

Print shipping/carton labels as per your trading partner's requirements. The PDF files can be printed using your standard or barcode printer.

Smart store distribution

In case of partial shipment to cross-dock distribution center orders, EASYB2B automatically satisfy the FIFO (First In First Out) stores for each item ordered.

3PL integration

Ability to automatically send a copy of the Purchase Order committed to your 3PL (Third-party logistics provider) and receive a copy of Shipping Notice which is automatically sent out to your trading partner.

Accounting | CRM Integration

EASYB2B provides automotive document sync on both the ends-seller and purchaser. Xero, Intuit QuickBooks Online, Zoho, MYOB, etc.

Inventory management

Speed up shipping and invoicing. Spend less time on data entry by setting up the things you buy and sell regularly. Using inventory data makes reading Shipping Notice and Invoice quicker and means no errors.

Business Intelligence

EASYB2B automatically prepare and maintain your B2B to-do list including Orders not responded, waiting for deliveries and due invoices. Track ordering and invoicing amounts over a period of time.


Instant and configurable notification email for new orders, orders awaiting deliveries, etc.

Unlimited users, for free

Invite as many team members as the business require for a real-time collaboration.

The most common usage of B2B portal service is as Supplier portal in the Retail and Automotive industry. Our domain expertise and highly configurable business rules ensure your trading partner community meets your business requirements. Roll out vendor enablement faster, painless and cost-effective.

Seamless collaboration

Communicate electronically with your trading partners regardless of what technology they use - any file/message format, any transmission protocol.

Business rules

Create your own business rules for your trading partners to adhere to.

Community enablement

Let us worry about chasing up your trading partners to handshake with your community electronically.

Multi-community support

Ever wanted a separate B2B portal to differentiate the business rules per country, department, etc? No worries! We already got you covered.

Easy on-boarding

Auto test case generation, intuitive interface filters out test messages such that your trade partners do not respond to it with physical delivery, smooth migration, test-any-time feature.

Unlimited trading partners

Invite your trading partners for real-time collaboration.

Automated compliance

Your trading partners can enjoy all the features of automated compliance service.

We are not a traditional EDI VAN. We not only connect to your ERP to automate your procurement but the security, fault tolerance and high availability are embedded into our software mindset. Also, your trading partners enjoy automated compliance, 3PL integration and accounting/CRM integration which saves abundant amount of time and money.

Only secure transmission protocols

API (OAuth flow), AS2, HTTPS, Web services & SFTP.

Document mapping

Documents can be transformed to and from EDI standards (EDIFACT, X12, etc) and any custom file/message formats (JSON, XML, CSV, Fixed width, XCBL, XBRL, etc).

Intelligent auto retry

Retries with exponential backoff technique is used to space out repeated retransmissions to avoid network congestion and embrace the fact that cloud resources might be intermittently unavailable at the trading partner's end.

Error notification

Instant and configurable error notifications.

What is this? Why us?

EASYB2B enables the community of connected businesses.

Our automated B2B EDI platform links retailers, suppliers, 3PLs & carriers, grocers, distributors and application partners.

We help retail, automotive & healthcare industry businesses to be more efficient, connected and have better visibility on their supply chain.

We started EASYB2B to change the game for B2B EDI compliance. Our ambition for automated supply chain is that users do not need to login to the platform for day-to-day basis operations once configured. We constantly strive to make this happen. Our 100% focus is on automation, so that the subscribers can 100% focus on their expertise business and also can put time back in their day.

The core features include:
  • EDI compliance
  • B2B EDI documents exchange
  • ERP & accounting software integration
  • Trading partners management
  • Business process/rules management
  • Shipping Labels (SSCC - Serial Shipping Container Code)
Unlike traditional EDI VANs or hybrid B2B EDI platforms, EASYB2B provides -
  • End to end automated supply chain - Event driven architecture along with outbound Inventory & 3PL integration empowers an automated order fulfillment from procure to pay.
  • Fully integrated - EASYB2B offers automatic ERP & accounting system integration on both the sides - purchaser and seller.
  • Being API-led, we can offer quick, complete and cost-effective integrations between businesses.
  • Micro-service based architecture makes entire platform highly fault tolerant and resilient.
  • User-centered design, thoroughly thoughtful and intuitive user interface makes it super quick and easy to work with.

Founded in 2015 in Australia, we have expanded in India. We’re proud to be helping the subscribers worldwide transform their supply chain.